In this post, we will learn how to set up Google Analytics tracking code on your DIVI website. Whether you have a new website or have an existing website, it’s a good idea to add Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a must have for any website owner to monitor the traffic on their website. Also it is provided for free. There is no reason not to set it up for your website.

The DIVI theme makes it easy to add Google Analytics script to your DIVI theme using the theme options. This article is just touching on setting up your Google Analytics account, but there is a lot of useful information you can get about the traffic and behavior of the users of your website.

Google Analytics will help your SEO with many useful data points like

  • How are users finding your website or page (Organic, Direct links, Social Media etc).
  • Where your users are logging on from, What is their age group, gender etc.
  • What devices your users are using.
  • What are your bounce rates and why users are bouncing off your website.
  • Which pages are generating the highest amount of traffic.
  • Customized reports for your website or your clients
  • User Management – Who has access to your GA account and what they can do it.

Steps to install and activate your Google Analytics account on your website:

1. You will need to have a google analytics account. Click here to get your Analytics account. Set up your website as a new Property in Google Analytics.
Elegant Themes also has a post on how to add a property to your Google Analytics. Check that out here.

2. Next, you will need to get the Google Analytic tracking code so we can insert it into our DIVI website. Log into your Google Analytics account, click on the “Admin” as shown in the screenshot below.

Google Analytics - Click on Admin Option

3. Select your website/property.  

Google Analytics - Select your Property

4. Under the Property column look for the “Tracking Info” option and click on it as shown below.

Google Analytics - Click on Tracking Info

5. Choose “Tracking Code” and copy the website tracking script that is provided by Google. Copy everything shown in the box below. We will place this script into our DIVI website in the steps that follow.

Google Analytics - Copy Tracking Code Script


6. Log into your WordPress dashboard with your admin account For eg. “”.

7. Select Divi –> Theme Options –> (Integration) tab as shown below.

Divi Theme Options - Integration Tab

8. Paste the copied Google Analytics Tracking Code script from the previous step into the section that says “Add code to the < body > (good for tracking codes such as google analytics)”.

Paste Code in Divi Integration Tab

Click on “Save Changes”.

9. Let’s do a quick test to make sure that Analytics has been installed correctly. Google Analytics allows you an easy way to test if you have placed your script correctly on your website. Go back to your Google Analytics dashboard – Admin -> Tracking Info – > Tracking Code and click on the “Send test traffic” button from within Google Analytics. Analytics sends a hit to your website by opening the URL you specified in your property settings. If you implemented the tracking code properly, then the active-user count will be updated. If you get 1 active user as shown below, then the setup is done correctly and you are good to go.

Google Analytics - Send Test Traffic

Once you are done Google Analytics Account will start collecting your data. It might take a few days before you have some traffic data has been collected.

Login to your Google Analytics account using this URL.

Further Learning – Free Online Course – Google Analytics Academy

Google Academy has a free tutorial that will help you making the most of  your analytics account. I suggest you go through the tutorial to make the most of your new GA account.


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