Today we will see how to add a background image to the DIVI primary menu also know as the main header. You can change the colors of the DIVI Primary Menu using the Theme Customizer Options, but cannot add an image using the Theme Customizer.



Before I change the background to an image, my background for the primary menu was set to a black color.  This was set in the DIVI Customizer by going to 
DIVI –> Theme Customizer –-> Header & Navigation –-> Primary Menu Bar –> BACKGROUND COLOR

I have chosen a color of WHITE for the text color. This can be selected by navigating to 
DIVI –> Theme Customizer –-> Header & Navigation –-> Primary Menu Bar –> TEXT COLOR

This is what my the main header looks like with the black background and white text setting for the primary menu. 


Background Color Primary Menu - DIVI

Background Color Primary Menu – DIVI


Things To Do Before You Add the CSS

Choose the color for your text, so that it contrasts well with the background image that you are going to be using. Use a dark color text if the background image is light in color. I have chosen white as my background image is dark in this example. Make sure you adjust the colors for the social icons to match your background image.

The social icons color cannot be changed from the DIVI Theme Customizer. You can check out my post : Change the color for email, phone and social media icons in DIVI to change the color of the social icons with a few lines of CSS.

Next, make sure you upload the image you want for your background in your media library. I have used an attribution free picture from the site pixabay. I have also sized the image to a 1920px by 108px using Photoshop. 

Once the image is uploaded to the media library, find the URL of the image. You will need that in the CSS that we write. 

My background image looks like this

Primary Menu Background Image

Primary Menu Background Image

The URL was


CSS to add Background Image on DIVI Primary Menu 

To add the CSS, head over to your style.css in your child theme and paste the following CSS.
Alternatively you can also go to DIVI -> Theme Options and paste the CSS in the Custom CSS box.

/* Add a Background Image to the DIVI Primary Menu */
background: url(“”) !important;
background-repeat: no-repeat !important;
background-size: cover !important;

Make sure you replace the background URL to the url of your image. 

Here is what the Primary menu looks like after applying the above CSS. 


Primary Menu with Background Image - DIVI

Primary Menu with Background Image – DIVI


I hope you like this tip and if you do use it on your website, do leave me a comment. Also for more such tips make sure you check out my DIVI TIPS on my blog.

Picture courtesy – Pixabay.
Image used for background.:



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